Our Vision

Inspiring Individuals to Action

We create environments supporting individuals for the betterment of our communities, our families, and ourselves. We understand leadership is a practice. We adhere to the standards set forth by our guiding principles. We challenge individuals to realize their potential.

Our Mission

Verde Valley Leadership, Inc., a non-profit corporation, provides personal and professional growth opportunities through development of leadership skills, community awareness and diverse, influential networks.

We seek individuals who demonstrate the skills and interest to work toward the best possible environment for families, businesses, nonprofit organizations, government and other systems that nurture strength within communities. VVL remains adaptive in providing the most effective organizational support possible in these pursuits.

Guiding Principles

Service - Service is embedded in all the actions we take. Service is at the core of our practice.

Integrity - We never compromise our integrity. Having integrity means more than simply the absence of deception. We tell the truth, honor our commitments, adhere to ethical standards, treat others with respect and are accountable for our actions. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Courage - We face challenges, make difficult choices, take risks, rise above circumstances and seek ways to improve.

Teamwork - We practice teamwork through such actions as assisting each other, providing each other open and honest feedback, exchanging information, and executing our tasks in a timely and integrated manner. We recognize we make better decisions and produce better results together than working alone.

Leadership - We lead by example. We foster an environment that empowers and motivates others to successfully accomplish their objectives. We mentor and develop each other and our peers. We serve.

In The News...

The latest information about Verde Valley Leadership!

Cottonwood, Arizona March 15th, 2019: Verde Valley Leadership, Class XIII had a full day in Cottonwood, Arizona this past Friday, engaging with local and state leaders as part of the Business and Economic Development Leadership Day. The morning kicked off with a visit from Evelyn Casuga, Director for Community & Economic Prosperity at the Center for the Future of Arizona who discussed the importance of economic development to communities. She emphasized the need for diversity within any economy, specifically in rural Arizona.

Her presentation was followed by Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, the owner of Do Good Be Good based in Flagstaff. Sharon is a leading facilitator and speaker in northern Arizona who discussed how personal relationships with clients and being more conscious of using Arizona-based businesses has strengthened her business. Sharon hosts a podcast where she interviews entrepreneurs and business owners who are doing “good,” working toward positive community impact

Class XIII also heard from Scott Hathcock, President and CEO of Moonshot at NACET, formerly Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He discussed his organization’s recent rebrand, their programs, and about the companies they help to scale through an intensive incubator program.

Class XIII watched the newest Verde Valley tourism video put out by the Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce and discussed its production with local videographer and producer Larry Pittman of Clear Production Services, LLC. Pittman detailed the importance of digital media in economic development and how technology has changed the way businesses can connect with their clients.

Business and Economic Development Leadership Day ended with a tour of The Vineyards B & B in Page Springs with owners Tambrala and Bruce Shurman. Recipients of a Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization (VVREO) micro loan which assisted them in expanding their business, the Shurman’s are now in their 5th year hosting people from across the globe to enjoy the amazing beauty and the growing wine industry in the Verde Valley. Robyn Prud’homme Bauer, VVREO Chair, explained the significance of the micro loan program, and its powerful impact on growing the local economy. The program provides access to capital to businesses that may not qualify for traditional loans. VVREO works with community banks to create access to capital across the Verde Valley

Rural communities face many unique challnge3 in the realm of business and economic development. This week’s Verde Valley Leadership Day showed the incredible resources available in the region and the many groups and organizations working toward more sustainable, thriving communities.

Verde Valley Leadership, Class XIII continue to gather every third Friday through July 2019 engaging around leadership and becoming more informed about supportive resources as well as the many challenging issues facing the Verde Valley.

Verde Valley Leadership is now in the process of accepting applications for the XIV class. For more information on the program, how to engage with this growing group of leaders, or to join the next class, explore this site or connect with them on FaceBook.

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